NC Based Companies to Invest in this Year

North Carolina is a gorgeous state where many northerners find warm weather, friendly people, and affordable homes. They also find incredible opportunities for jobs and investment growth. Of the many up-and-coming companies, we’ve found 4 that are standing out from the rest.

Undercover Colors
What if there was a nail polish that could tell a woman someone had drugged her drink? That is now a reality thanks to the scientists who created it for Undercover Colors (Instagram account).

When business combines with social consciousness (and has a patent), success is the only outcome. Early investors are already seeing opportunities for fast profits, but those who get in now can find huge gains when it comes time for the IPO.

Real estate is more competitive than ever now that people can access listings on their own. Adwerx is a company that has improved property advertising online, but will it really make a difference? To find out we interviewed an expert.

Christopher Pascale, author of War Poems: A Marine’s Tour 2003-2008, has written over 25,000 advertisements for Google. He has a degree in marketing and was the head of sales for a major manufacturing outfit from 2012-2016. In short, he understands the field.

Mr. Pascale said that Adwerx is worthy of our mention because of their unique approach to real estate advertising. “They aren’t just trying to make money doing what everyone else does,” he clarified. “They are offering a superior service that is affordable.”

Reveal Mobile
On advertising, Mr. Pascale also directed our attention to Reveal Mobile, a company specializing in mobile ads.

“Laptops aren’t going to be a thing a generation from now,” said Pascale. “Hardware will hardly be a thing!” According to him, everything will be on tablets, phones, and then holographic displays.

“Reveal Mobile is on track while their more established competitors are wasting their time perfecting obsolete methods.”

Upon review of these bold predictions, we found that Pascale studied an engineering specialty at Stony Brook University called Industrial Management where he went to the New York State Finals with a green energy generator. In spite of his science and technology background, he said that it’s his marketing background we should trust.

Koolbridge Solar
Staying on track with what is presently growing, but will do so even more in the future, we found that Koolbridge Solar could not be overlooked.

Koolbridge has been connecting technology to people for 24 years, and that foundation has proven to stand the test of time. Unlike other solar companies that are overburdened with inventory and robust payables, Koolbridge has taken a fresh approach to an old way of doing things.

The result is an excellent leadership team, a strong track record, and a fantastic opportunity for the rest of us.

Which Company Is Best?
If you’ve read this far, you know not to take this one source as the be-all-end-all of where to put your money, but it’s a good start, and we can attest to the research we’ve done. As for the best of this bunch, we advise you to go deeper.

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