The Truth about U.S. Drug Shortages

Pharmaceutical drugs play a huge role in modern life. Many people take drugs for a variety of different reasons including medical conditions, mental health issues, diseases and for various illnesses. The pharmaceutical business is big money but in 2017 millions of people from around the country have not been receiving their prescription drugs due to shortages.

The cause of these shortages is debated between two groups. One group blames GPOs or group purchasing organizations for the problem. This group represents the fringe medical groups within the U.S. healthcare field. They believe that the GPOs are responsible for every healthcare crises including the shortage of available drugs.

GPOs state that drug shortages are primarily the cause of manufacturing problems, quality control issues and the many restrictions with establishing new online suppliers. The GPOs point of view on this matter is supported by government, academia and other credible sources within the medical field.

A GPO is a group purchasing organization and in the medical field they are responsible for helping medical organizations to save on costs and expenses to manufacturing and procuring resources for drugs. GPOs often provide different strategies to increase competition within the pharmaceutical business.

GPO contracts are voluntarily received by organizations. They are also the product of competitive market negotiations between various parties who can benefit from these agreements. Many hospitals typically purchase their pharmaceutical meds off price and then adjust them to handle price increases to drug production.

Keep in mind that drug shortages are not forewarned by manufacturers. Retail outlets also are not the prompt in reporting shortages as well. A lot of the shortages that take place are often seen as sudden occurrences. The truth is that many shortages happen because of the different issues which work to impede the production, distribution and sale of prescription drugs.

This is why GPOs are important within this area of the health field. These organizations ensure that retail outlets are receiving the supplies that they need to stay competitive and to keep patients in good health. Many credible medical, governmental and economic organizations are supportive of GPOs. Their solutions to drug shortages are considered among the best for this field.

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