Understanding and Mitigating Diabetes Risks with Walkathon

The Diabetes Walkathon is a great initiative for the residents of Abu Dhabi. It shows that if they are willing, people can get to live healthy and fit lives. The Diabetes Walkathon event will be held on the 17th of November and will cover a distance of 5 Kilometers. Its main purpose will be to raise awareness about diabetes throughout the country. The event will not be operating independently but will receive support from the Imperial College London Diabetes Centre and Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi (http://www.uaeusaunited.com/story/cleveland-clinic-abu-dhabi/).

The residents will not only be walking 5 kilometers; the event will focus on educating the residents about leading a healthy life. It does not matter whether one has diabetes or not, all is needed is the determination to participate. The Walkathon launched in 2007 by the Imperial College London Diabetes Centre and has since focused on the threats that can lead to this particular condition.

World Diabetes Day is celebrated every November and the Walkathon campaign draws more and more people every year. At its launch, the event attracted about 4,500 participants. This year, the event hopes to have more than 20,000 participants signed up for the walk.

Dr. Farhana of the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, who is a part of the initiative, advises that taking walks even for 30 minutes every single day, and help mitigate conditions such as stroke and diabetes.

This year’s event will come with much more fun. There will be beverages and live entertainment and families will have fun to the fullest. Read more at http://gulfnews.com/xpress/life-style/diabetes-walkathon-returns-to-abu-dhabi-1.2117024.

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